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Minimize your financial risks if you have a lot to lose in your divorce:

Our seasoned divorce lawyers have decades of experience dealing with financially complex, high asset divorce. You will be presented with options along with their risks.

  • Closely held business interests – How to identify & value the relevant assets?
  • Self-employed doctors, lawyers & accountants – Does the practice have any professional goodwill?
  • Highly compensated employees – How do you value/divide restricted stocks/ options & unvested compensation plans?

A wealth of experience & a team of financial experts

We regularly work with valuators and accountants to identify and value assets that take into consideration their after tax impact.

Getting a Divorce?

When you and your spouse have substantial assets, income or compensation that are complex, you need an experienced divorce lawyer to make sure you get your fair share.

Our Divorce Services:

  • High-asset divorce
  • Complex property division
  • High-conflict divorce
  • Asset identification/Valuation
  • Spousal support
  • Child support

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Let us help minimize your financial risks in divorce. We deliver positive results for clients in high net worth, complex divorce cases.
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With offices in Seattle and Los Angeles, S.L. Pitts PC specializes in complex family law disputes. Our divorce lawyers are dedicated to pursuing our client’s interests with respect for all parties involved; we also attempt to reduce unnecessary conflict to encourage faster settlements.

High Asset and Financially Complex Divorce Require Specific Expertise

Our attorneys have many years of experience helping professionals with private practices, entrepreneurs and highly compensated executives – or their spouses – to navigate the difficult world of high asset divorce in both California and Washington. Let us educate and advise you on your rights and obligations.