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About Us

S.L. Pitts is a Seattle and Los Angeles-based boutique family law firm specializing in complex legal disputes. The attorneys at S.L. Pitts deliver positive results for clients in cases of complex family law featuring high-asset and property division issues. The firm is dedicated to pursuing our client’s interests, but we do so with respect for all parties involved.

The team of attorneys at S.L. Pitts have many years’ experience navigating the difficult world of family law. We are focused on a solution that is best for our clients, but we are always driven to reduce unnecessary conflict.

Our Mission

The mission of S.L Pitts is to serve as the leaders in complex family legal cases around Washington and California, enabling our high-asset clients to reach positive, constructive solutions while respecting all parties involved.

Our Vision

Our vision is to assemble the best client centric team of result driven, legal professionals who strive to provide and counsel positive solutions for complex family law disputes in high-asset and property division issues without unnecessary conflict for each individual client.

Our Approach

The S.L. Pitts team approaches every case with an eye on detail and a focus on delivering results. We are often recommended by other lawyers and financial professionals because we have a reputation for handling complex family law cases. When we see a complex legal case, we dive in to figure out a positive solution for our clients.

We start with a consultation to learn more about your specific situation. From there we utilize our decades of family law experience to pursue a positive outcome, while still maintaining an eye on avoiding additional conflict.


We are always looking for new talent to join our team. As specific openings are available, they will be listed on this page with instructions to apply. If you’d like to reach out about future opportunities, please email your resume and cover letter to

Community Involvement

The team at S.L. Pitts is proud to be involved in our local communities through support of various causes. Learn more about where you might find our team out in the community below.