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A Reputation for Excellence

S.L. Pitts is a Seattle and Los Angeles-based boutique family law firm focusing on complex family law matters.  The attorneys at S.L. Pitts deliver positive results for clients facing difficult family law issues including: high-asset and complex property division; high-conflict custody disputes; and interstate or international divorces. The firm is dedicated to pursuing our client’s interests, but we do so with respect for all parties involved.

The conduct of family law litigation casts a long shadow into the future.  Unlike other civil litigants, spouses are often tied to one another for years or even for life due to ongoing financial obligations or children.  Unnecessary conflict in the initial divorce often condemns both parties to years of additional litigation related to enforcement and other post-divorce matters.  Our understanding of this fact shapes the advice we give and our demeanor in negotiations and in court.  Our practice emphasizes taking a long view, with a focus on formulating and securing lasting remedies for clients that keep them out of the courthouse whenever possible.  This not only reduces the financial cost for clients in the long run; perhaps more importantly, it also reduces the emotional stress that necessarily attends family law litigation.

While we zealously pursue a client’s interest in all forums, we conduct the representation respectfully and without unnecessary, disparaging comments.  Couples faced with a family law issue usually bring enough conflict to the table on their own – the last thing they need is for attorneys to increase the conflict through unhelpful posturing or mudslinging.  And while we always attempt to achieve the client’s goals without going to court, the firm’s deep bench of trial experience stands ready to serve a client in high-conflict cases.  Indeed, the firm is known in the legal community for its skill, preparation, and knowledge in the courtroom.

For over 20 years, S.L. Pitts has helped clients navigate the most difficult parenting issues, including disputes over custody and visitation schedules, relocations to other states, domestic violence, as well as the impact of substance abuse and mental health.

With regards to financial matters, we apply financial acumen, proven civil litigation skills, and our experience dealing with various industries and professionals to protect our clients’ investments.  The firm has extensive experience identifying and valuing business and financial interests across several industries.

Finally, with offices in Los Angeles and Seattle, S.L. Pitts has a somewhat unique perspective on jurisdictional issues as they arise in family law.  Indeed, the firm is routinely consulted by other family law attorneys on jurisdictional family law issues.

Divorce & Family Law

S.L. Pitts has resolved and litigated countless divorce and family law issues for families in Washington and California. We have extensive experience working with tech employees, C-Suite executives, physicians, lawyers, and other business owners.

We place special focus on all aspects of complex, high-asset divorce and property division, interstate custody issues. We apply our financial acumen, proven civil litigation skills, and industry knowledge to protect clients' investments.

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We specialize and welcome issues of complexity from high-asset, high-conflict divorce or divorce with assets and individuals located in multiple states, as these cases often feature issues that need constant attention and focus to ensure we achieve client goals. This specifically includes the needs of individuals in the technology industry.

Our attorneys approach each case as a unique task they need to address to protect our clients’ interests. We strive for practical remedies that preserve your financial interests while avoiding additional conflict.

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Our Team

The team of attorneys at S.L. Pitts is regularly recognized for excellence in professional, peer, and client review forums. The depth of attorney experience, breadth of family law practice across multiple counties and state jurisdictions, and collegial working environment often produce creative solutions not otherwise imagined. Every attorney at S.L. Pitts brings the collective legal insight of the firm to each case, producing a better outcome and experience for the client.

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