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Spousal Support

S.L. Pitts PC brings decades of alimony law experience to help spouses navigate the issue of spousal support. For many former spouses with child custody responsibilities, spousal support is the sole source of sustenance for a divided family, post-divorce.

If this situation describes yours, or you are a payer of spousal support who feels that your financial contributions should be modified to reflect a sudden change of circumstance, the skilled divorce and family law firm of S.L. Pitts PC is here for you.

How We Can Help

S.L. Pitts PC attorneys evaluate each case against the law and presented circumstances to help individuals reach a spousal support conclusion that is appropriate for each situation. This includes individuals with child custody responsibilities seeking spousal support, or those that are paying spousal support that need assistance with financial contribution modifications.

We work hard to blend your wishes with our extensive legal knowledge and arrive at solutions specifically attuned to your situation.


  • Evaluate appropriate spousal support based on factors including length of marriage and future earning capacity
  • Assist individuals paying spousal support asking for a modification in financial contribution levels
  • Evaluate how a sudden change in circumstances could impact appropriate spousal support levels
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