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High Conflict Divorces

Every divorce has conflict in varying degrees and conflict exists on a spectrum. High conflict divorces inhabit the extreme end of that spectrum. The attorneys at S.L. Pitts PC have decades of experience with ‘high conflict divorces’ that involve paralyzing conflict between spouses including mental health issues, addiction or domestic violence.

The person involved in a high conflict divorce is often blind to the fact. They may have grown to see their spouse’s behavior as ‘normal’ over the course of their marriage. They often feel that they can simply appease their spouse and get the divorce over with by making early, generous concessions and by being hyper-cooperative. Generous cooperation, however, is only met with more demands and more feverish vitriol.

If this sounds familiar, you may be in or headed toward a high conflict divorce. High conflict divorces require unique strategies. It is all too common for high conflict divorces to drag on for years and consume all the resources of the parties.

How We Can Help

A high conflict divorce requires a unique approach to separate the emotional turmoil from the desired outcome of separation. Often, individuals involved in a high conflict divorce will take extreme measures to prolong, complicate or wreck the separation process.

S.L. Pitts PC attorneys are dedicated to moving individuals through the stages of a high conflict divorce with a proactive and expert approach. The firm’s goal is to guide individuals through the conflict and the court process as quickly as possible to limit financial and emotional damage.

Resolution of high conflict cases requires attorneys that are proactive, prepared, and skilled at using the levers of civil procedure to get the divorce accomplished over and against the counterproductive behavior of a high conflict personality. That is precisely the kind of attorney you will find at S. L. Pitts PC.


  • Knowledge of court and civil procedure to reach a resolution for high conflict divorce cases as quickly as feasibly possible
  • Strategies to limit the damage of marital resources often faced during a high conflict divorce
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