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Child Support

S.L. Pitts PC helps individuals navigate proper child support in family law disputes to ensure financial and economic support. Children caught in the middle of their parent’s divorce deserve financial support for life’s necessities- and a stable economic environment that ensures a positive upbringing. Our goal is to ensure the financial stability of children involved in a family law dispute.

How We Can Help

The attorneys at S.L. Pitts PC help resolve child support disputes that are tied up in disagreements over reported income, appropriate payment level or frequency of payments. Our lawyers listen carefully to your side of the story. We explain child support law clearly and in full, personalizing our representation to suit your specific needs. We take great pride in our ability to guide you through the often complicated legal process, especially if this is your first experience with it. We want our unified team approach to your problems to be sources of comfort, confidence and closure as you move forward with your life. We are experienced at navigating and interpreting state laws governing income-based guidelines for support, post-judgement modifications and court ordered enforcement of support.


  • Establish proper levels of child support to ensure financial stability for children involved in disputes
  • Resolve issues of too much or too little support being paid
  • Interpret state income-based guidelines for support
  • Interpret post-judgement modifications
  • Interpret and ensuring enforcement of court ordered support
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