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S.L. Pitts PC is a Seattle and Los Angeles based boutique family law firm specializing in complex legal disputes. The attorneys at S.L. Pitts PC deliver positive results for clients in cases of complex family law featuring high-asset and property division issues. The firm is dedicated to pursuing our client’s interests, but we do so with respect for all parties involved.

Family Law Practice

S.L. Pitts PC specializes in providing its clients with counsel in issues of complex high asset divorce, high conflict divorce, interstate custody litigation, spousal support, premarital agreements and family law for technology employees.

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The S.L. Pitts PC team approaches every case with an eye to detail and a focus on delivering results. We are often recommended by other lawyers and financial professionals because we have a reputation for handling complex family law cases. When we see a complex legal case, we work with our clients to provide practical solutions.

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Our Team

The team of attorneys at S.L. Pitts PC have many years’ experience navigating the difficult world of family law. We are focused on a solution that is best for our clients, and we are always driven to reduce unnecessary conflict.

Our team has a wealth of legal knowledge, financial acumen and accounting expertise to protect our clients’ interests.

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