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We are a detail-minded, results-driven, problem-solving law firm.

The conduct of family law litigation casts a long shadow into the future. Unlike other litigants, spouses are often tied to one another for years or even for life due to ongoing financial obligations or children.

Unnecessary conflict in the initial divorce often condemns both parties to years of additional litigation related to enforcement and other post-divorce matters.  Our understanding of this fact shapes the advice we give and our demeanor in negotiations and in court.

While we zealously pursue a client’s interest in all forums, we conduct the representation respectfully and without unnecessarily disparaging comments.  And while we always attempt to achieve the client’s goals without going to court, our firm’s deep bench of trial experience stands ready to serve a client in high-conflict cases.

During our many years of experience, S.L. Pitts PC has crafted customized parenting time schedules, including third-party and interstate custody cases, in ways that unite parents and emphasize "the best interests of the child."

Where money matters are involved, we apply financial acumen, proven civil litigation skills and accounting expertise to protect clients' investments. We place special focus on all aspects of high-asset divorce, specifically complex division of property and assets.

The firm places special focus on the many legal needs of the West Coast's technology community. If you are a tech entrepreneur or the spouse of one, and a domestic crisis arises or probate development impacts your divorce, we listen carefully to your wishes, tailoring our representation to suit your unique situation.

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With law offices in Seattle, Washington and Los Angeles, California, S.L. Pitts PC divorce lawyers welcome the opportunity to meet with you during an informative, confidential initial consultation. Learn more about the team approach that puts you first. Contact us.